Ways to Prepare Yourself for Winter Allergies

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While many people associate winter with the holiday season, allergy sufferers probably associate cold weather with something else: More times indoors and more exposure to allergy stimulants. Mold, pet dander, and dust mites don’t put you in the holiday spirit.


How to Prepare Yourself for Winter Allergies

Here are some winter allergy tips that might help you:

  • Clean and vacuum your home regularly.

Your home should be your haven. If you have an allergy to dust mites, try cleaning at least once a week. If you can do it more often, that’s even better. Use a damp mop for cleaning hardwood floors to avoid stirring up dust. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. To avoid molds from growing, wipe down wet surfaces, especially in your bathroom and kitchen. Make sure that you’re wearing a mask and a pair of gloves to protect you from the allergens while you clean.

  • Keep your pets clean.

Give your dog more baths. It’s the best way to minimize dander. And you might want to consider keeping your animals out of the bedroom. That’s no easy task, especially if you like snuggling with your pup in your bed. So then make sure you follow the next step:

  • Regularly change your pillows and comforters. 

Change your pillows and comforters regularly. Also, encase your mattress in an impermeable cover to reduce exposure to dust mites. Avoid down pillows and comforters, which can form a nice habitat for dust mites.

  • Wash your sheets and pillowcases in hot water. 

Try to regularly wash your sheets and beddings–at least once a week–in hot water in order to reduce the dust mites in the bedding. Your bedroom needs to be as allergen-free as possible.

  • If possible, remove carpeting

Carpeting may feel cozy, but it’s not the best floor covering for allergy sufferers. Nasty irritants from the outdoors can easily settle into the carpet fibers, arriving through windows, doors, and the bottoms of shoes. Although it may not be financially feasible for many, replacing carpet floors with hardwood, vinyl or tile might make your breathing a lot easier.


Final Thoughts

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